Thursday, 12 February 2015

A new year.. and a review

I can't believe it is already half way through February! I have pretty much abondoned blogging for the past 8 months as I was busy trying to complete my PhD. Well I finished just in the nick of time and finally submitted a few days before Christmas. Then I took a bit of a break and spent some time on the NSW coast. Now it is back to reality and doing boring stuff like trying to find a real job! 

In the meantime I thought I'd put together a little review of some empties I have been collecting. Some of these are old favs and some are new things I tried for the first time.
1. Essence Get Big Lashes Waterproof Mascara
I love this stuff! The cheapest mascara that actually does what it claims. They sell it at Priceline and is under $5. I find if I curl my lashes with my eyelash curler and then use this, it really holds the curl. My eyes have been very watery (hayfever, I think) lately so the waterproof is a must.
2. Garnier BB Cream Normal to Oily 
I generally have dry skin and this was given to me from a friend who didn't like the colour. I actually like this version as it is more matifying and less greasy than the other versions. It is better suited for summer when there is more sweating and the last thing you need is more oil. These BB creams are good for everyday wear as I hate foundation that is thick and cakey.
3. Lush Celebrate Limited Edition Body Lotion
Wow... I cannot tell you how amazing this smells. It is like Skittles! Even better is that it is actually super hydrating. Unfortunately it only comes out at Christmas time (and maybe Christmas in July). I already have my next bottle lined up. Warning: Once applied your boyfriend may want to eat you, look out.
4. Matrix Biolage Full Lift Volumizing Conditioner
'Lifts and bodifies fine limp hair'... this is me down to a T - I need volume! But there is only so much shampoo and conditioner can do. This does make my hair feel lighter and definitely doesn't have that feeling of leaving product lingering in your hair. It also has a very neutral smell which is important to me as I hate weird smelling stuff in my hair (Kevin Murphy I am looking at you).
5. Rexona Pure Silver Crystal deodorant
This has been a long term fav of mine for one reason. No white marks! I hate how some deoorants claim the no white mark thing and then, they lie!   
6. Ralph by Ralph Lauren
I love this scent, especially for summer. It's a shame it rarely goes on sale.
7. Nation Ageless Illuminating Primer
I had this for a very long time mainly because I had about three other primers that I would switch between. This one is quite hydrating but I am not convinced it helped my makeup stay put. 
8. Burt's Bees Nourishing Milk and Honey Body Lotion
I received this in a Bellabox and was not overly impressed. It does say for normal to dry skin so perhaps my skin is just too far down the dry end of town but I don't feel that it was very hydrating. And I was not keen on the smell.
9. Avene Rich Hydrating Cream
Avene is a brand best known for their hypoallegenic properties due to the Avene thermal spring water. I was attracted to this face cream during winter when my face was uber dry. This was brilliant! I highly recommend if you have dry to very dry skin. It does cost around $40 but a tube should last around 3 months if you only use it once a day then use a different night cream.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Ozsale: Bec and Bridge bargains

Apologies for the blogging hiatus - last 6 months of a PhD will do that! I have just over 1 month left to finish so it is chaotic times. In the meantime I have been rewarding myself for all my hard work by online shopping. I thought I would quickly share my latest bargains - Bec and Bridge purchases from the website Ozsale. I got them for $30 each. The oriental blossom dress is something I loved when it was released last year (I think?). The fabric is gorgeous! I bought a size 6 as it was the last size left and prayed it would fit - thankfully I managed to buy a winner. The shorts are a really nice blue mosaic print and will be so pretty with a plain top. Usually Ozsale orders take at least a month but because this was last stock it came within a week! Super happy!

Hopefully I will get back to more regular blogging very soon x

Monday, 19 May 2014

Style File : Tulle skirts

(images via google images, pic 3 Melbourne fashion blogger, pic 6 Street Smith, pic 8 Atlantic-Pacific, pic 9 tulle & trinkets, pic 11The Pile of Style, pic 12 Pereira of Lovely Pepa)

Tulle has always held a soft spot in my fashion heart. I think this probably can be traced to my early years of dancing and wearing a pink tutu for a dance recital. There is something about tulle that makes a girl feel like a princess. Yet, there are only very few moments in life where we are able to wear it (in a completely normal un-bridal way). Well now is one of these moments. Quite a few years ago, Carrie Bradshaw brought back the tulle skirt on Sex and the City. I got so excited when I was recently viewing these photos from New York fashion week and came across the lovely Alexandra Pereira (above pic) sporting a gorgeous peachy pink tulle skirt teamed with a leather jacket for a perfect contrast of feminine/edge. It can be a little hard to imagine what to wear with tulle. So I put together a few of my favourites that nailed it. Long or short, puffy or straight, they all look amazing. Anyway, I am off to track down my old tulle dress that I'm thinking might be good converted into a skirt. 

PS. If you dont already have one, and feel like a little project you can make one - check out this post by Cotton and Curls.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Winter wishlist '14

 1. White skinny jeans - White in winter? Hell yes. Still searching for the perfect fit.

 2. Tan coat - I already have one from last winter, but I wore it so much it's looking a little worse for wear.

 3. Flippy skirt, peplum hem skirts - whatever you want to call it, I dig them. Feminine and chic!

 4. The perfect pair of thigh high boots - yes I know Ill never pull them off like Elle Ferguson here but I just love them. I already have 3 pairs but still haven't found ones that fit just right.

 5. The white shirt - I am on the hunt for a silk white shirt for winter wear. Always a good investment.

 6. Snow leopard (anything) - I am obsessed with this print right now. 

 7. The plaid shirt - So good for layering, just can't seem to find my ideal fit and colour. 

8. Chunky scarf - I am in need of another chunky scarf, preferably in grey! I have a cream snood that saw me through last winter but I think grey would be nice with whites etc.
 9. Pink fluffy knit - I already have white, but I am really loving the soft pinks that are in stores.

10. Black chiffon shirt - I am not usually inclined to go all black, but I think occasionally it can look sophisticated (with a tan)


Tuesday, 1 April 2014


(all images via google images and pinterest)
Im back... sort of. The final six months of my PhD is proving a challenge to say the least - mentally and physically. I am getting excited for this autumn/winter fashion. The word on the street is that we shall all be blushing pink. In the fashion sense that is. With plenty of good inspiration from the European and US bloggers, I am sure you are already up to speed. Even though in Melbourne it has been a 33 degree day (hottest ever April 1st on record!), I am dreaming of the perfect pink coat.

Monday, 20 January 2014

Inspiration #9

Floaty dresses.
Long hair.
Tribal prints.
Pony tails.

A temporary return from an unplanned hiatus. And a new year begins.

Monday, 25 November 2013

Style Envy: Olivia Palermo

Olivia Palermo must have the most amazing wardrobe. She never fails to look utterly sophisticated, even when she is going casual. I love her statement necklaces and how daintily she looks even in ballet flats (I suppose this isnt difficult when you have legs like hers). I picked out a few of my favourite outfits, a mix of summer and winter as Melbourne cannot seem to make up it's mind as to what season we are in. One day we have a pop of summer, then the next day it will be back to cold, rainy and miserable. Quite annoying wardrobe wise, since I can't put away any of my big coats yet. Lucky I have Olivia for some inspiration! I particularly love the white on white, the leopard flip skirt and the blouses. And how does she manage to pull off a pant suit so well! I think it is the shoes and Hermes bag. Still, I think I would just look like a man.

On a side note, how exciting is it that Melbourne is getting a H&M store?! Finally!
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